Some of my stuff in or for other places.


  • Peers Exchanging Ideas (Association for Software Testing): a guide to setting up and running peer conferences.
  • When Support Calls (Ministry of Testing):  advice for testers (and others) on being asked to get involved in technical support calls. Kindle version available.
  • Is Your Testing Arresting? (Gurock): can testing be beautiful and, if so, how?
  • You've Got To See This (Gurock): some ways in which Edward Tufte's ideas on the context-driven presentation of data can help testers.
  • Busting Out (Gurock):  stuck in a rut with your thinking? Ublock yourself here.
  • Your Testing is a Joke (EuroSTAR): how joking and testing are related. Won the Best Paper prize at EuroSTAR 2015.
  • Not Sure About Uncertainty (Ministry of Testing): thoughts on known/unknowns, quantifiable and unquantifiable risks, testing models incorporating them and their relationship to risk-based testing.
  • Make Like a Tester (uTest): thoughts for testers starting a new job, with butter, elephants, Stephen Hawking and a sponge.
  • My Software Under Test and Other Animals (Ministry of Testing): how to talk about coverage ... in terms of animal hides.
  • Show Business (Ministry of Testing): communicate as clearly, correctly, comprehensively, consistently and concisely as you can.
  • Skills Paradox (Ministry of Testing): give chance a chance to enhance your skills.




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