Sunday, September 22, 2019

Listening with Jerry

The other week, I tweeted this:
I want to make a list of @JerryWeinberg recordings. I've found around 35 so far, mostly interviews from podcasts and youtube. If you know of any, or any existing lists, can you send me links? I'll share the whole list when I've curated and tidied it.
The response was bigger than I expected so I put a very quick and dirty list on this page initially.

I've now replaced it with a Google spreadsheet:
Jerry Weinberg Recordings
If you know of other recordings, please tell me via Twitter or in the comments here. Thanks!

Image: Agile.FM via Pinterest


  1. Thanks for doing this! Jerry was a great man and influenced my career greatly, starting in 1977 when I read the Psychology of Computer Programming.

  2. After having just gone through the PSL course that Jerry started, this is a great treasure. Thanks!