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We Missed You

Dear Bug, After all we've been through I didn't expect to see you again the other day. Perhaps you thought I'd forgotten about us? Well, no, I remember you very well although without fondness.  Our relationship was intense but short-lived. It started in the dev environment when I glimpsed you out of the corner of my eye and knew immediately that I wanted to hold you close. Love at first sight? I wouldn't say that, but I recollect you teasingly jinking this way and that as I followed you through the architecture of our service, laughing and crying in turn. Eventually I caught up and found that I had been pursuing twins, two effects from the same underlying cause. We went on double dates (triple dates?) with a developer friend of mine until it became apparent that she understood you way better than I did. And that was the beginning of the end for us. As soon as she had finished with the bug she was seeing, you left me to be with her. That's OK, even before you and she

Look at This!

The Association for Software Testing is crowd-sourcing a book,  Navigating the World as a Context-Driven Tester , which aims to provide  responses to common questions and statements about testing from a  context-driven perspective . It's being edited by  Lee Hawkins  who is  posing questions on  Twitter ,   LinkedIn , Mastodon , Slack , and the AST  mailing list  and then collating the replies, focusing on practice over theory. I've decided to  contribute  by answering briefly, and without a lot of editing or crafting, by imagining that I'm speaking to someone in software development who's acting in good faith, cares about their work and mine, but doesn't have much visibility of what testing can be. Perhaps you'd like to join me?   --00-- "Are observability and monitoring part of testing?" You'd like a simple answer first? OK, here you go: yes, they can be, but simply having, say, instrumented code, dashboards, alerting, o