Sunday, October 17, 2021

Fix The Right Bugs


Earlier this year I did the Black Box Software Testing course in Bug Advocacy with the Association for Software Testing, and loved it.

That and other BBST courses are run in collaboration by both AST and Altom, and four members of the Altom team (Oana Casapu, Denisa Nistor, Raluca Popa, and Ru Cindrea) recently did a webinar, Bug Advocacy in the Time of Agile and Automation, on the RIMGEN mnemonic in the context of hard to reproduce bugs sitting around in a team's backlog.

Cem Kaner says that our mission as testers includes getting the right bugs off the backlog and fixed. The webinar described how we can work towards that by thinking about how to Reproduce, Isolate, Maximise, Generalise, and Externalise the issue, then reporting what we found using a Neutral tone.

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