Tuesday, June 1, 2021

500 Internal Monologue Editor

About once a week, on average, for just under ten years I have published a blog post. 500 posts in total. Wow.

The nucleus of the content has always been software testing but what falls into its orbit has varied as my thinking, my needs, and my activities have changed over time. With one eye always on testing, and the other on my context, I've covered areas such as software development, management, recruitment, writing, creativity, visualisation, tech support, meetups, workshops, conferences, training, exploration, Jerry Weinberg, semantics, science, statistics, public speaking, sketchnoting and, erm, fixing my toilet.

I was wondering how to commemorate this anniversary when I recalled that in another lifetime I wrote a music zine which also reached the ten-year mark. Re-reading the retrospective piece I penned for that I found this line that encapsulated my triple aims of honesty, economy, and quality:

Be true to myself. Say what the music is. Don’t be shit.

Replace music with idea and I think I'd be happy to say that's what I've achieved with Hiccupps too, even if I sometimes feel like a monkey with a mallet as I strive to shape what's inside my head and pull it out.
Image: https://flic.kr/p/VfYyKE

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  1. Congratulations! Ten years of doing anything consistently is worth marking.