Friday, January 1, 2021

How To Test Anything (In Three Minutes)


I was very happy to contribute to QA Daily's Inspirational Talks 2021 series this week but, in case you're here for an unrealistic quick fix, I have to tell you that the three minutes in question is the length of the videos and not the time you'll need for testing.

So how do I test anything? These are the things I've found to be helpful across contexts:

  • I know what testing means to me.
  • I find tools that can me to achieve that testing.
  • I'm not afraid to start where I am and iterate.

If that sounds interesting, there's greater depth in How To Test Anything and the related (40 minute) talk that I did for OnlineTestConf in 2020:


  1. The word 'automation' seems completely out of place in the first excellent video.