Saturday, November 9, 2019

Love it or Eight It

I started writing Hiccupps just about eight years ago so, following tradition, here's an anniversary selection of pieces that I am particularly pleased with from this year:

Amazingly, at 424 posts, I've managed to average one a week over the long haul and I don't think there's been a month in that time where I haven't published at least once. I spent a little time reflecting on that, wondering what my motivations are these days. I think they include:
  • a desire to be alert to my thoughts and feelings, and to shine a light onto what they are, and where they have come from, and how they compare to other people's and my own at other times.
  • a desire to document my learning as I branch into new areas such as management, or sketchnotes, or idea generation.
  • a desire to record the ideas of others and the thoughts they've sparked in me.

I use writing, only some of it on this public blog, to decant clarity from the tangled mess of memes and swearing and half-formed theories and half-forgotten lessons that swirl in slow eddies around the inside of my head.

But this is a public blog and it need not be. You might suggest that ego is involved. I wonder about that too. I am naturally reasonably quiet, a listener before a speaker, a gatherer of data before a taker of action. I do not gravitate towards the limelight.

Yet here I am on my public blog, with my speaking engagements at meetups and conferences, with the peer workshop I organise, and recently my directorship at the Association for Software Testing.

How to square that circle? For me it's about giving back to a community that I've taken from, and about exposing my thoughts for scrutiny and to start interesting conversations.

It's nice when I occasionally see something that I've done cited by someone else, but that's not the main thing. Eight years in, it's happened so infrequently that, if it was the main thing, I might have started resenting the effort of blogging, started hating it.

But I don't. I love it.

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