Monday, September 24, 2018

The Factor The Matter

At CEWT #6 we discussed what good testing and good testers are. We didn't set ourselves the mission of coming up with some kind of definition, we didn't explicitly take that mission on during the course of the day, and to my mind we didn't converge on anything particularly concrete that could form the basis of one either.

Reviewing my notes, I thought it might be interesting to just list some of the factors that were thrown into the conversation during the day. Here they are:
  • Good relative to what?
  • Good relative to who?
  • Good relative to when?
  • Good for what?
  • Good for who?
  • Good for when?
  • Goodness can be quantified.
  • The existence of bugs found by non-testers is a way to judge testers or testing.
  • Goodness cannot be quantified.
  • The existence of bugs found by non-testers is not a way to judge testers or testing.
  • Goodness can't be separated from context.
  • Goodness can't be separated from perspective.
  • The value and quality of testing is subjective.
  • Good testing as a team versus as an individual.
  • Diversity of thought and action is good.
  • Some testing can be good and bad at the same time.
  • On a project, all testing will not be of the same standard.
  • There's more than one way to do good testing.
  • You can't judge testing outside of the whole development process.
  • Ask a stakeholder: are you getting what you want from us?
  • Many people judge testing (or anything) on what's visible.
  • Is goodness a feature of intent, or outcome?
  • Is goodness only really meaningful in hindsight? (But how long to wait?)
  • When the context changes, the view of already-done testing might change.
  • Good is a box.
  • Does defining good create a dichotomy: must there be bad?
  • Does defining good provide a way for people to aspire to a level?
  • Does defining good provide a demotivation for people who feel they are not good?
  • What's specific to testing that would make it good?
  • Perfect is the logical extension of good. Can it exist?
  • What is a good test case? (Kaner)
  • Good testing is not just about running the tests.
  • Does good testing have to tie in to business practices?
  • Perhaps good testing is when the results of the testing change the testing?
  • You can prepare to do good testing, but you can't guarantee it.
  • A mission helps to promote good testing.
  • A healthy environment, with trust, promotes good testing.
  • Good testers are short with curly hair.
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