Friday, September 28, 2018

CEWT Lean Coffee

At CEWT #6 we used Lean Coffee as a way to reflect on some of the threads we'd discussed during the day. Here's a few brief, aggregated comments and questions that came up.

Different Perspectives

  • Claire and Helen's talk was about how the testers and test manager on a project had a very different view on the quality of the testing.
  • The developer perspective is also interesting, and often different.
  • Whose needs are being met by the testing?
  • Which lens are we looking through: experience, knowledge, context, ..?
  • Good testing is inherently perspective-based.
  • The relative rule.
  • What about outside of software, e.g. in laboratory science?
  • Stop Working and Start Thinking.

What makes good tests?

  • Consistent, deterministic, a specific outcome.
  • Really?
  • What about if the software is non-deterministic?
  • Isn't testing about information?
  • Is gathering data (e.g. performance data) testing?
  • There needs to be a pass/fail.
  • Really?
  • Is the tester the best person to judge pass/fail?
  • A good test gives actionable information.
  • A good test has a mission.
  • A good test has to answer a question.
  • A good test has to be fun to run.

Is good testing perpetual?

  • If testing was thought to be good when you did it, does it remain good?
  • If testing was thought to be bad when you did it, does it remain bad?
  • Be wary of hindsight bias.
  • The context can change and more information can be available later on.
  • Testing needs to be judged in the context in which it was done.
  • Perhaps our standards have changed.
  • Is it ever fair to compare X then to Y now?
  • Requirements change.
  • Regression suites must evolve.
  • I wouldn't want to work in an environment where testing stagnated
  • I don't want to work on a production line.
  • Stand up for your (past) testing.
  • Impostor syndrome.
  • I won't compare myself to someone else.
  • There's more than one way to do good testing.

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