Thursday, June 28, 2018

I am Awesome

I am awesome! I must be, because Matthew Syed told me I am in his book. I bought it for my daughter, to help her to see how awesome she is, and Matthew said it was true. Then my wife read it and apparently she's awesome too.

Matthew is promiscuous in his assertions of awesomeness. That's because he believes that everyone can be awesome at almost anything, and in You Are Awesome he explains, in simple terms, how:

People who are great at things have always practised really hard. Always.

People you think are naturals look that way because all their practice has made their skill second nature.

To be awesome you should practice, too.

And cultivate a growth mindset, accepting that you can learn, and change, and challenge yourself to do more.

Oh yes, and be prepared to fail along the way.

But take positives from those failures. Each one contains a suggestion for improvement.

And strive for those improvements, particularly continuous micro-improvements.

Focus most on the things that contribute most to achieving your goal.

It will be hard, but you should grit your teeth and just start.

Because you won't get to where you want to go without starting.

And you can get there, because you are awesome, Matthew says. Just like me.
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