Tuesday, May 15, 2018

You Are Not Alone

Abstracta's recent review of Hiccupps for their 75 Best Software Testing Blogs list says "James [shares] learnings from events and fun sketchnotes he makes."  Learnings here are from this week's Cambridge Tester meetup at Linguamatics  and, while the notes might be fun, the subject matter is less so.

First up, Chris Kelly previewed his Testbash Dublin talk, The Anxious Tester, a story of how his anxiety has affected his work as a tester and some suggestions for fellow sufferers, those around them, and those they work for.

That was followed by a video of The Fraud Squad where Claire Reckless presented background material on impostor syndrome, talked about her personal experience of it, and gave advice for supporting oneself  or others when the unfounded fear of being found out hits.

These are timely topics during Mental Health Awareness Week, and it's worth noting that the speakers shared a recommendation for anyone experiencing difficulties: remember that you are not alone.

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