Thursday, November 23, 2017

Six & Bugs & Joke & Droll

Hiccupps just turned six years old. Happy birthday to us. And thank you for reading; I hope you're getting something out of it still.

Unwittingly I've stumbled into a tradition of reflecting on the previous 12 months and picking out a few posts that I liked above the others for some reason. Here's this year's selection:

  • What We Found Not Looking for Bugs: a headrush conversation with Anders Dinsen on the nature and timing of testing 
  • The Dots: a headrush conversation with myself on the connections between the connected things 
  • Fix Up, Look Sharp: a headrush reading experience from Ron Jeffries' Extreme Programming Adventures in C# 
  • Quality != Quality: a headrush of being picked up by Hacker News, my page views going nuts, and developers debating quality 
  • A (Definition of) Testing Story: a headrush last-minute conference proposal accepted at UKSTAR 2018 

And in the meantime my mission to keep my testing mind limber with rule-of-three punning continues too. Check 'em out on Twitter. Join in!

(And apologies to Ian Dury.)

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