Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ignorance, Recognised

Stop Working & Start Thinking is intended to help postgraduate students make profitable use of an essential piece of scientific equipment: their mind. I'm only a short way in, and finding it a bit dense at times, but there's already a few passages I'm loving. Here's one (page 15):
Science asks questions, and it has a small variety of ways to look for answers. They are observation, measurement, investigation and experiment. Different kinds of problem need different approaches for their solution and one of the ways the experienced scientist knows which to use is that she or he has got it wrong many times in the past! This cannot be said too often or emphasised too much. Ignorance, recognised, is the most valuable starting place; all scientists should have many stories about where they were sure, and wrong; where they were ignorant but did not know it.
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Edit: I based two more posts on this book later: A Different Class and Quite the Reverse.  

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