Monday, March 6, 2017

Works For Me

There's a tester position open at Linguamatics just now and, as I've said before on here, this usually means a period of reflection for me.

On this occasion the opening was created by someone leaving - I'm pleased to say that it was on good terms, for a really exciting opportunity, a chance to really make a difference at the new place - and so, although I wasn't looking for change, it has arrived. Again.

Change. There was a time when, for me, change was also challenge. Given the choice of change or not, I would tend to prefer not. These days I like to think I'm more pragmatic. Change comes with potential costs and benefits. The skill is in taking on those changes that return the right benefits at the right costs. When change is not a choice the skill is still in trading benefits and costs, but now of the ways you can think of to implement the change.

Change. My team has changed a lot in the last twelve months or so. We grew rapidly and also changed our structure. You may have noticed that I've written a lot about management in the last few months. This is not unrelated to the changes. In search of potential ways to implement change, and ways to assess the benefits and costs of change, and also the risks associated with changing, I read. And I wrote, as I'm writing now.

Change. Linguamatics, the company I co-founded, is also changing. In fact, now I look back I don't think it's ever stopped changing. In 15 years we've gone from the four of us in one tiny room to 100 of us in a couple of office suites and a handful of other locations on either side of the Atlantic. We're encountering some of the difficulties and some of the beauties of expansion, and we're exploring ways to deal with and embrace them.

If you're a tester and able to be responsive to change, if you can be an agent of change for the better, and if you fancy a change of scenery, perhaps you'd like to consider coming to work with us?

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