Wednesday, December 30, 2015

State Your Business

In their write-up of the State of Testing 2015 survey, the organisers say:
we can say with  confidence that demand for the “Thinking Tester” is on the rise, as it appears that today’s Industry needs people who are more than just “a tester”.
I don't know whether two data points (2013 and 2015) are really enough to give (statistical) confidence in such a rise, but it certainly reflects my own intentions and desires for the team I run.

With that in mind, although the annual snapshots can be interesting, the value of this kind of enterprise is often in the visibility of changes over time and I hope that with another year of data we'll begin to find evidence for some interesting trends.

In general, analyses of this sort becomes more reliable with larger numbers of participants so why not help us all to help ourselves and get over to  the State of Testing survey for 2016  which launches at the beginning of January.


  1. What the hell is "just a tester" and surely all testers have to be "thinking testers". Their terminology is shocking.

    1. I'm prepared to cut them a bit of slack in this respect. I think what they're doing is interesting and potentially useful.

      They have a board of advisors that I respect and expect will help them improve in each iteration and I think that getting participation and gathering data is the key to making this resource valuable. (Hence my comments in this post and the equivalent one from last year.)

      I did the survey and fed back into it where I thought that the questions were unhelpfully phrased, for example.