Thursday, January 16, 2014

Write Now

The key points in Writing is Thinking can apply more generally to the navigation of an idea from inception to realisation. Don't be blocked by starting; get something - anything - down; refine it until it's more signal than noise.

And on writing itself: if you've never coded then writing for an editor is a reasonable approximation to the implement/bug report/fix cycle, with you as the engineer. Do you take criticism as well as you give it? Can you learn from that? What's stopping you?


  1. Yes, criticisms / comments can help us to write better.
    But not all comments / criticisms can be in good way to improve ourselves.

    There may be bad comments which can degrade our confidence. We need to think and overcome regarding those as we give the writing.

    We must be able to justify the writing with clear artifacts so that we can defend.

  2. Yeah, you can't control the criticism you receive but you can control how you deal with it. That experience can help to inform how you deliver criticism yourself.